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About Sis. Cleo Cooper

First Lady, Mrs. Cleo Cooper is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a graduate of Southern Technical College, where she earned a degree in Computer Programming. In her professional career, she is a head teacher at a Developmental Center, where she works with students with disabilities.

Mrs. Cooper is truly a humble and faithful witness for Christ. She has a genuine concern for God's people and demonstrates it through her walk. Over the past 16 years, she has devoted herself to ministry by sharing her personal testimony and teaching others to have faith and to stand on God's word. Mrs. Cooper is well regarded in the Christian Community for her many gifts and talents, including singing and teaching the gospel. She serves as Ministry Leader of the Mt. Gale Praise Team as she truly embodies the divine anointing from above. In her teaching endeavors, some of her recent themes include "Watch What You Say", What's Weighing You Down", and "The Peace of God."

Mrs. Cooper's belief is that if God is glorifed, His people will be edified; therefore she continues to accept the challenge of speaking out for God wherever He leads her, knowing that if He orders her steps, she will always end up on the right path.

Mrs. Cooper delightfully delves into the enlightenment of others by spreading the unadulterated word of the Lord. She is faithful in not only her commitment to God, but also in her commitment to serving others.

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